CPAP Effect on Stroke Outcome

CPAP Effect on Stroke Outcome

 In the current study, the stroke outcome was observed to be significantly better in the CPAP arm compared to the non-CPAP arm with the number of patients on CPAP who showed ≥ 1-point improvement on the mRS being significantly greater than the latter group at 6-month and 12-month follow-up. Our findings are similar to those observed by many other studies with different design, methodology, and primary outcome measures.

A change in mRS score ≥ 1 was reported to be significantly more frequent among patients using CPAP in a CPAP treatment trial on patients with acute stroke. In a randomized open-label trial with 4 weeks of CPAP treatment for OSA, 3 weeks after stroke and after 4 weeks of treatment, significant improvement in stroke-related impairment was observed. In another randomized trial on patients with acute stroke, the group treated with auto-adjusting CPAP for OSA showed greater improvement on 30-day National Institutes of Health stroke scale scores.

Wessendorf et al., in an observational intervention study, made similar observations in stroke outcomes, as measured through Barthel Index scores. Sandberg et al. observed no difference in Barthel Index scores between CPAP and non-CPAP groups at a 28-day follow-up of CPAP therapy in patients with acute stroke recruited 2 to 4 weeks after ictus.

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