Currently available appliances

Currently available appliances

  First category: one piece appliance with no ability to advance the mandible incrementally.
Second category: appliance are principally two piece in design and offer the potential for incremental advancement.
Third category : they permit incremental advancement and lateral movement of mandible.
Tongue retaining devices: tongue retaining device is a splint that holds the tongue in place to keep the airway as open as possible. They are excellent devices for patients with temperomandibular joint sensitivity.

There are several advantages of tongue retaining devices, they do not require retention from dentition, minimal adjustments are required and cause minimal sensitivity to teeth and temperomandibular joint. Advantage of Oral appliances: Significant reduction in apneas for those with mild-to-moderate apnea, they may also improve airflow for some patient with severe apnea, improvement and reduction in the frequency of snoring and loudness of snoring in most patients and higher compliance rates than with CPAP.

Disadvantages of Oral appliances: Mandibular advancement splints generate reciprocal forces on the teeth and jaw that can result in acute symptoms, as well as long-term dental and skeletal changes. While mandibular advancement splints are primarily attached to the dental arches, most extend beyond these and thus apply pressure to the gums and oral mucosa. The incidence of reported side effects and complications vary significantly between studies.

This is probably due to difference in the type of oral appliance used, the design of the oral appliance, the degree of mandibular advancement, as well as the frequency and duration of follow-up. During the acclimatization period, it is common for adverse effects to develop, which are usually minor and self-limiting. These include execessive salivation, mouth dryness, tooth pain, gum irritation, headaches, and temporomandibular joint discomfort. Patients should have regular visits with a health professional to check the devices and make adjustments.

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